DCF 2017

El Nuevo Diario on the front page gave light to the drama of the Orphans of Femicide.

“My dad and my uncle killed my mother with eight bullets,” recalls the young Seylin Martínez. His brother Javier, 17, still wakes up thinking that…

In hero for their grandchildren have become many grandmothers who had to assume the upbringing of them, because their daughters happened to be part of the long list of femicides.

Aida Carrion of Dina Carrion Foundation and Elia Palacios of the Axayacalt Movement in 100% Interview with Lucia Pineda Ubau, speaking about the orphans of Femicide in Nicaragua.
Still the Nicaraguan society is not astonished at the Femicide of 23-year-old Lucero Montoya Velasquez. She died in front of her house at the hands of her ex-partner Norlan David Maltez Perez, who was the announcer of RADIO STAR OF THE SEA.