Dinner & Inauguration EEUU

Dinner & Inauguration EEUU

We officially presented our foundation in the city of Pembroke Pines Florida to the American community.

We appreciate the participation of the first donors who were present on this special night for our family. Your important donation will support the purpose of the first stage of the project, which aims to promote the process of strengthening the comprehensive plan. It consists of psychological and emotional treatment for the orphaned children of mothers who were murdered, victims of domestic violence so that they can begin to overcome the negative consequences of the scourge.

We want to continue to count on your generosity in the future events of our foundation, we encourage you to be bearers of hope, inviting your family and friends to join this noble cause. Recalling that your invaluable support means a world of difference in the first 10 children who will benefit from the program. At the same time, in solidarity with their maternal grandmothers who have been in charge of these children, who are returning to be mothers at such an advanced age.

Thank you for supporting our organization, which is firmly committed to helping children overcome gender-based violence in our society.

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